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Medical Call Centre Services

We provide a wide variety of emergency medical call center services to clients in the home care, medical and funeral home industries. In addition we assist with many routine tasks in various practices and clinics by handling appointment bookings, appointment reminders, and other daily messaging.

Every day, our staff deal with both the excitement of a mom-to-be in labour, and the grief of those dealing with the immediate death of a family member through our medical information call center services. We re-schedule home care workers, and get canisters in home oxygen concentrators replaced.

When your customer needs help after hours, here’s a sample of what we can do:

  • Triage the call to ensure it requires immediate dispatch or can wait until next business day.
  • Digitally record the call.
  • Contact on-call personnel via methods you define – ie. text/sms, email, phone call, etc.
  • Provide a summary report to the main office via email next day.
  • Use electronic confirmation when possible to guarantee on-call personnel have received and are dealing with the pending call. This greatly improves your efficiency, and reduces our costs. Ask us about it!

  • On-call rotations can be set in advance via our on-line portal. Changes/updates made online are real-time changes in our operations centre.

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