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Service Companies

Call Centre Solutions for Service Companies

Call Centre Solutions for Service Companies

Calls for Service

You define how your request for service calls should be handled, but here are just a few examples of what is possible:

  • Triage the call to determine if it requires immediate dispatch or can wait until next business day. Triage can include advising of additional costs to be incurred, or verifying caller against a database of after-hours eligible customers.
  • Digitally record the call.
  • Provide caller with verification number if necessary.
  • Dispatch service request to on-call technician, via text/sms, email, phone call, etc.
  • Allow technician to confirm receipt/acceptance of call electronically (no billable time).
  • Provide summary report to service manager via email next day.
  • Provide database export for caller billing/invoicing to avoid re-entry if appropriate.
  • Oncall rotatations can be set in advance via an on-line portal. Changes/updates made online are real-time changes in our operations centre.

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